6 simple tips for travelling in a wheelchair

1. Plan
The first thing of everything is to plan. Find out everything you can about your chosen destination. Enter forums and ask, look for associations of disabled people in the area and ask them for advice, ask your friends who have been.

2. Book in advance
Most hotels have one or two adapted rooms that are occupied very quickly. If you do not want to stay without adapted accommodation, and more if you travel as a group, book well in advance.

3. Transport
What has been said in the previous points is equally or more important here: book your plane tickets, train, bus or whatever in advance. Also, they may come out cheaper.
When booking the transport make sure to make clear what your needs are. Do not cut yourself giving explanations, the more information you give, the better.

4. Ask all kinds of accessibility questions to the hotel.
When choosing hotel and going to book, do not forget to ask all the necessary questions: if the shower is at ground level, if they have a bath chair, how high are the wardrobe hangers, how big is the room …
If you book through Booking or similar you can use the booking form to include all your questions.

5. Travel insurance
It does not hurt to consider paying for a travel insurance. They are expensive, but in reality they are for all budgets. Of course, make sure that it covers all possible contingencies.

6. Find a company specialized in planning trips for the disabled
If you want to save yourself trouble, look for a company (like us) specialized in making plans for people with disabilities. We will offer you advice and help for all your needs, as well as saving you a lot of headaches. Just explain where you want to go and what your needs are.
And do not forget to bring our phone number everywhere you go. If you have a problem, call us and we will help you.

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